We don’t want you to feel lost or confused when you join us for our worship service. Really, we don’t want anything to take away from our purpose of worship: recognizing and glorifying our Lord and God. This is our attempt at answering some common questions about what a service is like at the Burns Church of Christ.

When you come into our door, you can expect a warm greeting. There will be someone at the door who will hand you a bulletin for the week, a visitor’s card to fill out, and any information you need about classes and other activities of the day. Please feel free to ask these hosts any questions you have!

We meet for Bible classes (which are for all ages!) from 9:00-9:45. If you’ve got a Bible, bring it, and join our study. If you bring children, you’re welcome to join them in their class if it makes you (or your child) more comfortable. At 10 o’clock, we will all join together in our auditorium for our worship of God. In the bulletin, you’ll find an Order of Worship to help you follow along with what is happening when. There will be Pew Notes — an outline of the sermon that has some blanks for you to fill in — to help you follow the message and remember its contents. You’ll also find the latest information about our schedule, a prayer list, and other general information about the congregation.

Announcements and songs will all appear on the large screen in the front of the auditorium to help you follow along. We invite you to join in the singing. None of us are professionals–we sing with our lips and make melody in our hearts to praise God for his love and his gifts. We’ll likely have several songs, some scripture readings, and some prayers.

Every Sunday we partake of the Lord’s supper. It’s a very special time for Christians to remember the sacrifice that Jesus made on our behalf. Usually after the communion, we’ll have an opportunity for our members to give. Please don’t feel embarrassed about passing the tray along — we don’t want our visitors to feel obligated to give at all. If you have a visitor’s card, you can drop it into the basket at this time.

The sermon is usually 20-30 minutes long and is designed to teach and motivate us in what it means to be a true follower of Christ. You’ll find the lessons to be Bible-based, relevant, and challenging. If you have any questions about the content, hang around and ask the preacher afterwards. He’d be glad to talk to you! The message is usually followed by an invitation song. We all stand and sing a hymn as a chance for anyone who wishes to respond to the message in a public way. If you want to ask for public prayer or have a special need, just walk to the front of the auditorium during this time, and someone will meet you and help out however we can.

All and all, you can count on worship being a special experience, and you’ll be glad you came!

We also have a nursery available in the back if you’ve got small children that you need to take out. There is a speaker in the room, and the screen is still visible so you can continue in worship.

For those that are hearing impaired, we have a system of remote receivers you can check out to hear better as well. Just ask, and we’ll get it for you.

Worship is a special time, and we are thankful for your interest. We look forward to seeing you soon!