Worship means that we “bow the knee to God.” At Burns we worship God in a simple way. Our worship is always focused on the love of God through Jesus and what He has done for us.

We try to include the very items that the early church, under the guidance of the apostles, used. The first thing that you might notice is that we do not use any mechanical instrument for our worship. Singing a capella is “in the manner of the church” and we attempt to follow this practice of the early church.

We observe the Lord’s Supper (or Communion) on the first day of each week as a memorial to the resurrection of Jesus from the grave on the first day of the week. We serve unleavened bread as a memorial to the body of Jesus, and fruit of the vine in memory of his blood shed for us.

We offer prayers, Bible readings, and sermons as part of our normal worship to God. Just like in the early church, where They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. (Acts 2:42)

We give our members the opportunity to give back to God from the blessings we have received. This money is used for the preaching of the gospel, helping those in need, and upkeep of our meeting place.