It’s hard to sum up our beliefs in one page, but we know that what we believe and teach is important to us–and it’s important to you as you look for a church home. To make a long story short, we believe the words of the Bible, and we’ll do our best to follow it to the Lord.

If you want more detail, here’s a stab at it:

We Believe

In Almighty God, our Father
Maker of heaven and earth.
In Jesus Christ,
God’s only son and our Lord
Who is the beginning and the end,
Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit
And was born of the virgin Mary
He was crucified, buried and rose again the third day.
He is at the right hand of the Father
From where he sent the Holy Spirit
To guide His chosen Apostles to tell the world of His love.
Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit His writers wrote the New Testament
Which is our guide in all things
And is the perfect guide for us to reach our Lord Jesus..
Jesus is the only way to the father’s house
We appropriate His saving blood by faith in Him.
We serve Him out of gratitude for our forgiveness by His grace.
He will come back to take us home with him.

We Believe

That faith in Jesus brings us into contact with His saving blood.
That faith includes repentance, confession and baptism in water.
That the Holy Spirit is given to all those who obey Him.
That we are to remain true to Jesus by loving and serving as he did.
That we serve Him in His church while on this earth.
That he will come again and take us to Himself where we can remain forever.