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Bible Geography Resources

by Matthew

For those of you who are following along in our Bible Geography course, here are some resources that might help! Middle-East and north African map quiz game we played in class during the first week. Animated maps and timelines: history of religion and history of the middle east. Article: “How Long Was the Israelites’ Egyptian […]

Bible 2.0 Training

by Matthew

The production of the famous Strong’s Concordance required the effort of more than 100 scholars. Alexander Cruden prepared his concordance in a single year—beginning daily at 7am and working until 1am. (Cruden ended up in asylum not long after, I might add!) Robert Young taught himself ancient languages and the skill of printing so he […]


by Matthew

A techno-phobe is afraid of technology. It’s an interesting label for a person, since the word technology actually just means “a study of an art, craft, or technique.” Technologies are simply tools. Did you know that the Bible was once a technological wonder? In its time we witness the progress from writing on tablets of […]