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Be Thankful for Everything!

by Matthew

Our Wednesday night class listed several things for which we are thankful. The class decided to only list the “little things” in daily life that we tend to take for granted. I’ve included most of the list here as a guide. I hope it will help motivate you to thankfulness! If there’s something you’d like […]

Give Thanks!

by Matthew

It is a special time of the year! How often does the collective American culture pause to say “thank you” or send cards en masse? Our stores are filled with lights and our homes overflow with the warmth of family. This is a time to celebrate and cherish what we love! We are blessed people, […]

Time Alone with God

by Matthew

Time is a difficult thing to manage. We all have so many irons in the fire-that every once in a while, we just run out of fire! In our hectic world, instead of prioritizing our schedules, we really need to schedule our priorities. That’s why we have services twice on Sunday and once on Wednesday: […]