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Painful Words

by Matthew

Some words make us cringe when we hear them. They can be the hurtful words of a friend or a family member spoken in a moment of frustration. They can be untrue accusations hurled by an enemy. They can be true words that are simply bitter medicine—a hard pill to swallow because of what they […]

It’s a Beautiful Day!

by Matthew

This season is one of my favorite four of the year! It’s hard to be sleepy when you step outside and inhale a breath of crisp winter air. It’s hard to miss the beauty of lights and decorations in our homes and communities. I enjoy this time of year. You and I know that we […]

Why would Jesus ask a question?

by Matthew

Most Bible students are aware that Jesus frequently asked questions. It’s easy for us to lose sight of just how significant it is that Jesus would ask a question. He’s certainly not asking to get information for his own purposes—he knows he could ask his Father anything! So when Jesus asks a question, we should […]

Good advice or bad advice?

by Matthew

I can’t claim this as my own, but the 21st Century Christian e-newsletter this week has something you need to read. What would it have looked like if the Pharisees had offered Jesus some “friendly advice” to make things go more smoothly for him? They could have offered him these five tips: 1. Back off […]

This is how the birth of Jesus took place…

by Matthew

This is how the birth of Jesus Christ came about… Matthew 1:18 No law of science can explain the birth of the Christ Child. It can only be explained by an act of the Almighty God. Mary couldn’t explain it herself, much less explain it to her friends and family. Neither could Joseph. The unusual […]

The Life of Jesus: Not a Failure!

by Matthew

Jesus said, “It is finished.” John 19:30 When you look at the life of Jesus from a human standpoint, you might conclude that his life was a failure. From a purely human standpoint he didn’t do much. He never traveled more than a few miles from his hometown. He never wrote any books. He never painted […]