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Hang in There!

by Matthew

Imagine a city, besieged. The enemy has totally surrounded the city. Nothing gets in or out. Within the walls of the city, supplies begin to run low. Morale is lower. Citizens are fearful and despondent. Imagine what would happen if a spy broke into that city one night with good news, to explain that the […]

Church Words 101

by Matthew

Sometimes at church we throw around words that mean a lot to us—but they may not mean much to you. This month, I’d like to share a glossary of church words and terms to help you better understand what we say and do.

What’s the Good News?

by Matthew

What’s the good news? Did you know that patients who believe that they have hope usually recover quicker and live longer than those who don’t? Did you know that troubled marriages in which the partners believe that things can get better are significantly more likely to get better than in identical circumstances without an optimistic […]