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A Plentiful Harvest…but few workers?

by Matthew

“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” Matthew 9:37 Most of us are aware that we don’t tell the old, old story as much and as enticingly as we would like. If we are honest we probably are a bit uncomfortable with the whole idea of evangelism. Most people associate evangelism with hard-sell […]


by Matthew

A techno-phobe is afraid of technology. It’s an interesting label for a person, since the word technology actually just means “a study of an art, craft, or technique.” Technologies are simply tools. Did you know that the Bible was once a technological wonder? In its time we witness the progress from writing on tablets of […]

How can they hear without preaching?

by Matthew

And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? Romans 10:14 It is impossible to believe something you have never heard.  Faith comes by hearing. When something is presented we can decide then whether to believe or reject what we have heard. The Christian religion is a taught religion.  “Go and teach!” is the […]

Will you talk about Him?

by Matthew

When do you talk about Jesus? Do you talk about Him at work? Do you talk about Him in your free time? What about with your family? Outside of our worship assembly and Bible study periods, how often do you speak about Jesus with the church? I’m convinced that one of the great plagues of […]

Sharing Faith: The Church in Antioch

by Matthew

Enjoy these notes from our class discussion on Sunday night, January 4th. As we consider how to share our faith, we begin by studying the biblical example of those who did it well. The Church in Antioch – Acts 11      Scattered b/c persecution      Telling the message      They only told the Jews      […]