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Looking for a City

by Matthew

Here among the shadows living in a lonely land, we’re a band of pilgrims on the move! Through dangers, burdened down with sorrows, and we are shunned on every hand, But we are looking for a city built above. These are the words to a hymn not sung often anymore – but they weigh on […]

Boo! A Christian look at Halloween…

by Matthew

I’m not a big believer in ghost stories and the paranormal. I don’t really think houses are haunted by anything more than the overeager imaginations of wannabe ghostbusters. I certainly believe in souls, but nothing I see in scripture makes me think that they are lingering around earth without bodies playing practical jokes on folks […]

Death and Judgment

by Matthew

I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, Prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband. Revelation 21:2       There is an old song that I remember hearing in my youth. (You might say it would have to be really old.)  The song had a stanza that went: Every one who […]

Be Strong and of Good Courage

by Matthew

Moses my servant is dead; now therefore arise. Joshua 1:2 Ever get depressed when a loved one dies? It is especially difficult when one dies who is close to us and one on whom we depend for so much. When a great friend or comrade falls we feel as if the future is dark and […]