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Personal Integrity

by Matthew

Endurance produces character, Character produces hope. Romans 5:4 Have you spent much thought about your personal integrity? We don’t want to become obsessed with showcasing our character but it might be good to give it some consideration. Here are some questions to ponder: * Am I the person others believe me to be? * When […]

Character Counts

by Matthew

All my fellow townsmen know that you are a woman of noble  character. Ruth 3:11 Boaz has checked it out; Ruth is a woman of character.  Her character is known in the town.  He does not realize that he and Ruth are destined to become the ancestors of the Lord Jesus Christ.  He only knows […]

Yes and No

by Matthew

This is the age when people want us to build character: “Character Counts.” We want our children to learn good character traits and be able to apply them at the opportune time. There is little question that bringing character into play in our world would be a move in the fight direction.