Young people aren’t just the future of the church (which is pretty important!), they are the church, too. We invest heavily in teaching and training our young people to think and grow in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord” so that they can grow up with the blessings of being a vital part of God’s kingdom.

The youth group at Burns isn’t terribly formal, but we do have these goals for whatever we do:

  • To provide for Christ-like fourfold growth in our young people by offering a balance of fellowship, service, teaching, worship, and fun activities.
  • To encourage unity with our sister congregations by working with them and building symbiotic relationships.
  • To reach families who aren’t a part of the church.
  • To involve members of all ages and situations in simple parts of the Lord’s work.

But ultimately, these goals for our youth program boil down to one most important idea: to give glory to God! We want our young to grow to give God their hearts and their lives. We want them to grow to be educated, comitted Christians who are prepared for the realities of life and the realities of faith.

To meet these goals, our young people participate in a variety of activities. We try to keep a balanced program of teaching, worship opportunities, service, and just plain fun and fellowship. These all are important if you want to grow like Jesus — in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man!

See below for details about some of our youth activities, and keep your eye on the church calendar. You’re always welcome!