Bible Bowl 2009

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Bible Bowl Recap

by Matthew

At our last Fellowship Meal, we took a few minutes to honor the kids who worked so hard in Bible Bowl 2009. Everyone took home a special “Bible Bowl News” paper, and heard recaps of scores and awards. What you might not have heard, was that our kids entered the Sweet 16 in 3rd place. […]

Bible Bowl 2009 Pictures

by Matthew

Bible Bowl 2009 was a great success. Congratulations to the Burns teams which did better than ever in studying the gospel of John. Enjoy this slideshow of our pictures!

John 1-11 Review Session Presentation

by Matthew

We reviewed John 1-11 on Sunday Evening. We used a presentation to go over the basic story after students have studied for the first several weeks. You can view the presentation and listen to our discussion online.

Bible Bowl Study Materials (John 1-11)

by Matthew

Here are the workshets we’ve covered so far — in case you’re missing some. The files are in 2007 Microsoft Office files and Adobe PDF files. If necessary, free viewers are available. What happens in JOHN Places in John 1-4 Overview Questions John 9-11 Map 1-11 John 5-8 Review Questions John 5-8 places and numbers […]