Bible Bowl 2008

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Bible Bowl 2008 materials and news

Bible Bowl 2009 Topic Released

by Matthew

The Sycamore Church of Christ has announced the topic for this year’s Bible Bowl competition in Cookeville. We will be studying the gospel of John from the New King James Version! Check back soon for more information!

Youth Awards Day

by Matthew

Sunday, September 20, 2008 was our awards day for our young people. Several of our students have completed very difficult programs in the Members of Churches of Christ for Scouting “Servant Leadership” Program. This program is designed to teach young people to lead like Jesus–as servants. Each student was assigned a mentor, memorized scripture, participated […]

Bible Bowl 2008: Congratulations!

by Matthew

Congratulations to our Bible Bowlers this year! Our students did great learning the book of 2 Samuel, and we’re really proud of their hard work and accomplishments. Every student set a personal best score this year, four of our seven were above 90%, and our junior team made it into the semi-finals (the Sweet 16) […]

This week’s non-quiz quiz

by Matthew

This week, we’re shaking things up a little bit. Instead of a “quiz” — you’ve got a set of online flashcards to go through. The first card will give you a clue — and the answer will be either a place or a person. These cards go through chapters 13-18…and if you want, you can […]

Bible Bowl Quiz 3

by Matthew

I know several of you were at different VBS locations this week — so I hope you’ve been studying. This quiz is mainly from the questions that Harriett, David, and Leighann submitted… Of course, I changed a few of the wrong answers to see if you’d miss your own questions! :) Good luck on Bible […]

Bible Bowl Quiz 1

by Matthew

This test is from 2 Samuel 1-3 NKJV. Be sure to click the right arrow at the bottom until you can’t click it anymore. This is not an open-Bible test and you need to work on your own. Good luck! :) Bible Bowl 2008 Test 1: 2 Samuel 1-3