Key Moments in Church History
Auditorium Class
Jim Van Dyke and David Brogdon

“Those who don’t know the past are doomed to repeat it,” according to the old saying. Too many of us have no clue about the amazing people and events that God has used in the history of his people, the church. In this study, Jim and David will lead us through some of the most significant moments that shaped the future of the church, with an eye towards what those events can teach us, today. This class will meet from January-March in the auditorium upstairs at 9:30am.

Christian Mindsets in Today’s World
Downstairs Media Room Class
Andy Scott and Matthew Hiatt

Have you noticed that things are different than they used to be? Our culture’s values have shifted incredibly quickly in the last decade. In this class, particularly for our parents of young people, we’ll discuss how we foster a Christian worldview in a world that looks different than the one we were raised in. We’ll study how to deal with difficult questions and topics from scripture and practical ideas about how to have those conversations.

This class will meet at 9:30 on Sunday mornings downstairs in the media room (adult Bible classroom under the auditorium) at Burns.