Join us for Sunday School at 9:30am every week at Burns! There’s always a place for you!

Urban Legends of the Bible
Auditorium Class
Taught by Matthew Hiatt

What the Bible says and what people think it says are often two very different ideas. In this class, we’ll look at some of the most common urban (rural?) legends about the Bible (the missing day, the camel’s gate, the sinner’s prayer and more). We will challenge some of your assumptions and encourage you to dig deeper into the word.

Burns 101
Downstairs in the Media Room
Taught by Marshall Fuson, Frank Bradford, and Roy Malecha

Are you new to Burns? Then this is the class for you! Are you new to the faith? Welcome aboard! Several of our deacons will help introduce major Bible ideas in a great environment to ask questions and dig in deep. We’ll help you learn how to get involved and connected in the church family at Burns.