In March of 2018, our elders announced plans to expand our facility at Burns. They set an ambitious goal for us–to raise $200,000 by Easter of 2019 in order to begin the building process.

We have established this building fund primarily through the use of 5th Sunday Special contributions along with individual special gifts.

On Sunday, January 6, 2019, our treasurer Butch Jack made a special announcement – that we have met and exceeded our goal. As of Sunday, we have a total of $220,633 in the building fund!

We are incredibly grateful for God’s blessings on us and the sacrificial giving of so many different people in our congregation.

Our building committee is still working to finalize the design, after which point the architect will be completing a “50% plan” that we can use to get firmer pricing. We’re still working on selecting a contractor. We’ve completed quite a bit of our preparatory legwork: our building team has visited several churches to brainstorm ideas, a geotechnical survey has been completed to prepare the correct kinds of foundations for the building, and a detailed topographical site survey has been completed. Additionally, our property currently sits on 4 plots of land. We’re in the process of combining them into one tract.

It will still be several months before we’re able to break ground, but things are moving in the right direction. We’ll continue to use our 5th Sundays as special contributions in 2019 to build up the fund further and be in a better financial position to open the building.

If you have any questions – as always, you’re welcome to reach out to our elders or to anyone on the building committee.

It is our prayer and aim that this new facility will be a blessing to our church and community for generations to come.