Great Chapters of the Bible (Auditorium, various men)

The Bible contains 1,189 chapters – that’s a lot! During this class, we’ll study just about 25 of them, but these are the 25 chapters of scripture we wish every believer knew about. You’ll encounter the entire story arc of scripture from Genesis to Revelation, and encounter some of the most important Biblical themes. If you’re new to the faith, you’ll find this a helpful intro to some big Bible ideas. Seasoned believers will find this a helpful reminder.



Accidental Pharisees (Media Room, John Gabriel, Frank Bradford & company)

Pharisee is practically a dirty word in modern society, but has it always been that way? How did the Pharisees become the Pharisees? In this topical study, we’ll look at how well-intended people can become self-righteous instead of righteous, and learn the warning signs to look for in our own hearts as we resist Pharisaism. This class is open to all.


One Word (Wednesdays at 10:30 and 6:45pm)

Our Wednesday study continues throughout the summer. Each week we’ll look at another significant Bible word. We’ll wrap up this series when we begin the new school year and launch into a study of Romans.

Sunday School is simply one of the best ways to increase your Bible knowledge, deepen your faith, and build relationships in the church. It’s free and open to everyone, so make plans to join us as soon as you can!