Spring 15 SignThe Spring Sunday School quarter begins this Sunday at 9am! If you haven’t been coming, it would be a great time to get re-started. We have classes for children of all ages downstairs.

This quarter’s theme for the adults is, “So You Want To Be Like Christ?” This class format is going to be a little bit different than what you’re used to. We’ll all meet together in the auditorium for a week, then split into a men’s class and a women’s class for two weeks. We’ll repeat that general pattern a few times this quarter as we study and practice the spiritual disciplines together. We’ve got some great teachers lined up: Charlie and Marcia Dauphin, Marshall and Tammy Sullivan, Jeff and Pam Kuhns, and James and Harriett Hinkle will be teaching the split men’s/women’s classes.

We’ll save a spot for you!