Last Sunday, we looked back at just a few of the good things that have been going on at our congregation. Want to know a little bit more? I thought I’d try to list out 101 different ways you can be involved at Burns. These are in no particular order. I’ve probably over-emphasized some areas and neglected others. Want to know more about one? Circle it and ask me or one of our elders.

  1. Attend faithfully (I know it’s obvious, but it matters more than you might think!)
  2. Clean up at the fellowship meals
  3. Cook a Wednesday Night dinner
  4. Help serve a Funeral meal
  5. Prepare food for a funeral meal
  6. Deliver meals to a shut-in
  7. Grill for our meals at the park
  8. Sit by someone sitting alone at a fellowship meal
  9. Haul off the trash from the building
  10. Decorate the Fellowship Hall for our Sweetheart’s Banquet
  11. Coordinate a Senior Saints Day
  12. Make Ice Cream for an ice cream social
  13. Send out invitations to our Spiritual Growth Workshop
  14. Have lunch with someone you don’t know
  15. Teach a Sunday School class
  16. Be a teacher’s helper in Sunday School
  17. Adopt a classroom (paint, clean, or update a room)
  18. Take attendance or count
  19. Be a “handyman” in the building
  20. Replace light bulbs in the building
  21. Pray for the preacher
  22. Pray for the elders
  23. Pray for the sick
  24. Unlock the doors on Sundays
  25. Lock the doors on Sundays
  26. Call someone who has missed services and check on them
  27. Be a door greeter or help people find their way
  28. Serve communion in worship
  29. Read scripture in worship
  30. Lead prayer in worship
  31. Lead a song in worship
  32. Prepare communion
  33. Clean up communion supplies
  34. Share communion with the sick or shut-ins
  35. Help count the contribution
  36. Run the A/V equipment for worship
  37. Give financially to the work of the church
  38. Maintain the baptistery supplies (towels, waders, etc.)
  39. Clean the baptistery
  40. Take care of the nursery (clean and swap out toys)
  41. Host a youth devotional in your home
  42. Adopt a bulletin board
  43. Take pictures at a church event
  44. Drive someone to church
  45. Drive someone to a doctor’s appointment
  46. Make a hospital visit to someone who is sick
  47. Visit one of our shut-ins or nursing home residents
  48. Adopt a teenager and take him or her out for ice cream
  49. Go to one of the teen’s school events and cheer loud enough to embarrass them
  50. Send a card to someone who needs encouragement
  51. Send a birthday card
  52. Send an anniversary card
  53. Write a note on the anniversary of a family member’s death
  54. Try a new Bible class
  55. Make a comment in class if you’re usually quiet
  56. Be quiet in class if you’re usually loud
  57. Decorate for Vacation Bible School
  58. Bring someone new to VBS or Sunday School
  59. Act in a VBS skit
  60. Sponsor a child for summer camp
  61. Work in the camp kitchen
  62. Coach camp recreation games
  63. Be a camp Bible class teacher
  64. Serve as a camp counselor
  65. Babysit to give parents a break
  66. Sit with a senior to give the caregivers a break
  67. Help do a “deep cleaning” in the church kitchen
  68. Refuse to listen to a gossip
  69. Tend the flowers in the foyer
  70. Send a “thank you” note to new visitors
  71. Learn someone’s name that you didn’t know
  72. Make phone calls when we need to get news out
  73. Help update the directory
  74. Help at the building when there is a wedding
  75. Put our sermons on the internet
  76. Learn to interpret for the deaf
  77. Participate in a summer youth activity
  78. Contribute financially to help a missionary
  79. Write an encouraging letter to a missionary
  80. Go on a mission trip
  81. Buy presents for our Christmas Project
  82. Wrap presents for Christmas
  83. Teach GED students in the jail
  84. Teach Bible class in the jail
  85. Buy glasses or underwear for an inmate
  86. Hold a sign at the CareNet 5k
  87. Load boxes at Disaster Relief
  88. Volunteer with CareNet
  89. Make food for the hungry at Soup for Souls
  90. Serve food at Soup for Souls
  91. Bring water to the Special Olympics
  92. Buy a book for the church library
  93. Give someone an invitation to church
  94. Do an errand for one of our seniors
  95. Use Facebook to share something from church
  96. Go to the ladies’ book club
  97. Help host a wedding or baby shower
  98. Fix something in the building that’s broken
  99. Take one of the elders to lunch
  100. Invent a new outreach idea for the church
  101. Pray for someone

How will you get involved?