James Hinkle, one of our elders and former pulpit minister, is teaching a class about aging gracefully. You can check out more of the series on our “Sermon Audio” page. Here are some of his thoughts.

What’s the difference between a sweet old lady and a grumpy old grouch?

These materials are selected from How to Become a Sweet Old Lady Instead of a Grumpy Old Grouch by Marilynn Carlson Webber.

A sweet old lady is constantly changing for the better. A grumpy old grouch tries to change other people.

A sweet old lady takes the initiative. A grumpy old grouch complains that nothing interesting is happening.

A sweet old lady admires the roses. A grumpy old grouch complains about the thorns.

A sweet old lady does what she can with what she has. A grumpy old grouch quits if everything does not work out.

A sweet old lady has learned to wait expectantly. A grumpy old grouch is impatient.

A sweet old lady keeps doing what is needed. A grumpy old grouch gives up easily.

A sweet old lady knows when to quit. A grumpy old grouch must be forced out.

A sweet old lady makes new friends. A grumpy old grouch complains all her friends are gone.

A sweet old lady encourages. A grumpy old grouch criticizes.

A sweet old lady forgives. A grumpy old grouch holds grudges.

A sweet old lady gives beautiful memories. We try to forget a grumpy old grouch.

A sweet old lady has a healthy sense of humor. A grumpy old grouch finds life to be grim.

A sweet old lady is content. A grumpy old grouch has many complaints.

A sweet old lady cherishes life. A grumpy old grouch is afraid to grow old.

Which are you more like? A sweet old lady or a grumpy old grouch?