Mohandas Ghandi gave his grandson a sheet of paper with the “seven blunders of the world.” These are seven areas that he thought modern cultures were getting wrong. I tend to think he is right!

Wealth without work. We all know someone who came into money and wasn’t prepared for what would happen next. Our country is incredibly rich, yet we always want more.

Pleasure without conscience. We want what we want—regardless of what it costs. We don’t stop to consider if our pleasure comes at a price. Doesn’t this sound like James 4?

Knowledge without character. Information is a-moral. In the hands of the good, it is force for good. In the hands of the wicked, it is a force to be feared. We have access to more information than in the history of humanity. Do we have the character to match it?

Commerce without morality. The question shouldn’t be, “Can I buy it?” It should be, “Should I?”

Science without humanity. Science exists to improve life, but sometimes it has a dehumanizing effect.

Worship without sacrifice. Remember David saying this one? How can I sacrifice that which costs me nothing?

Politics without principle. Enough said.

It’s easy to recognize these in the world. But let’s examine ourselves. These blunders that surround us every day have a deceptive way of sneaking into our hearts and minds in the church.