New Adult Classes begin next Sunday. We’ve just wrapped up a study of the book of Acts, taught by Jerry Hall, Mike Chandler, and Randy Fuqua. Downstairs, John Gabriel, Kenneth Caldwell and I are wrapping up “Digging Deeper” – a study using Everett Ferguson’s book The Church of Christ.

Next week our adults in the auditorium will be studying “Practical Christianity” with Jeff Kuhns. Jeff will be taking lessons largely from the book of James. Downstairs, James Hinkle is back in the saddle with John and Kathy Gabriel looking at “Scream-Free Parenting.” I know you’ll want to be part of that study in the Media Room.

A big thanks is in order to all of our teachers who spend so much time and energy in planning great classes for all ages!

Bible in a Year continues on Wednesday nights. If you’ve gotten way behind, declare “reading amnesty” and jump back in! Right now we’re at a watershed moment in Israel’s history: the split of the Northern and Southern Kingdoms. Many folks don’t know this history very well, so you’ll be sure to learn a lot.

Wednesday Night Meals will take a summer hiatus after this week. This week is our last meal before the break. You don’t want to miss it!

Camp is this week. Pray for me. :-) We always have fun!

The Bible Bowl subject has been announced. Our young people will be studying 1 Corinthians and Galatians. More information will follow.

We’re glad to have William Welch with us this summer. As he learns about ministry, he’s helping out with some of our youth activities. It’s going to be a great summer!

If you don’t get church email on a fairly regular basis from me, Donna, Keith, and Lori, would you let me know? We’d love to get you on the church mailing list to keep you posted.