James Hinkle likes to say that if you ever find a perfect church, don’t join up—because you’ll ruin it!

Here are some suggestions for making the most out of being a part of this church family.

  1. Investigate and invest in your relationship with God. No one can do for you what you must do for yourself.
  2. Commit to attending worship services regularly. It’s easy for us to find excuses—and good ones—but making a real commitment makes a difference. It’s hard to be “integrated” if you’re not “in”! (Having said that, if you have the flu, STAY HOME! J)
  3. Find your place in our small group classes: Sunday morning Sunday School, Wednesday evening Bible in a Year, and even in personal studies with other members.
  4. Find your place in ministry. It doesn’t matter if you’re a handyman, babysitter, chef, or pro-football player. There’s a place that you fit in serving God with the family. Find it and jump in with both feet. Do what God put you on this earth to do!
  5. Give. I’m talking about the three T’s: Time, Talent, and Treasure. When you are invested in something, it’s easier to care and serve.
  6. Tell someone. When your friend speaks badly about church, tell the truth about what God has done for you. When someone asks what you’re doing this Sunday, tell them where you’ll be—and why!
  7. Support the family. It’s easy to find things that we mess up. If you’re looking for mistakes, don’t congratulate yourself on being able to find them. You’re in a room full of them! Rather than complaining, be a part of the solution. Make things better.

I believe that if you’re doing these things, you will always be at home in the church.