Do school students still spend the first week back to school in August writing essays about how they spent their summer vacations?

I remember that some years, I had lots of exciting things to write about. We had family vacations and adventures. We spent time with the grandparents and played games and went to the park. Other times, it seems like there wasn’t so much to write about.

Before this summer officially begins, think about what you’re going to do with it. Time is a precious gift given by God. If you’re a school student who has time off this summer, how will you use it? If you’re retired, how will you use your summer?

Think about using your summer in such a way, that if you had to write an essay in the fall, you could write it about the difference you made in God’s Kingdom.

Consider being a part of our Bible camp June 2-7. Even if it’s too late to register or volunteer, you can come down and join us for a devotional and see what’s going on.

Consider helping out with our fellowship meal at the park. Spend some time playing Frisbee with the kids so that you’ll be sore tomorrow. The impression you make will totally be worth it.

Consider inviting someone over to grill hot dogs or to spend time in Bible study. Consider hosting a devotional. Think about signing up to participate in something for your soul, like the Lipscomb Summer Celebration (June 30-July 1) or the Blue Ridge Encampment (July 19-22). Read a good Christian book. Research a campaign or local service opportunity.

Paul told the Ephesians, “Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days” (Ephesians 5:16 NLT). Dedicate your summer vacation to eternity!