We recently looked at some jobs that you should quit. The church has enough critics, browbeaters, judges, and perfectionists…we don’t need any more!

If you want a job where you’ll fill a real need, be appreciated, and make a difference, why not trying one of these Christian careers?

Encourager: Everyone needs help making it through life’s challenges. Be the sort of person who reminds us of the promises of God and the strength of Christ. Be the person who knows that the path is tough, but helps others keep on going.

Pit Crew: It’s not just for NASCAR anymore. The pit crew are the ones who refuel, repair, and help make adjustments for others. You never see a pit crewman driving a victory lap—but without their faithful service and training, you’d never see a driver cross the finish line. We need more people who help “refuel the tank” each week.

Guide: GPS and maps can only get us so far. Sometimes we need the experience of someone who has already walked the path. Grandparents are great guides for parents. Elders are great guides for “youngers.” Be the sort of person who doesn’t just tell people where to go; be the sort of person that walks the journey beside them.

Student: We never quit learning about Jesus. We never grow out of our need to hear that Jesus loves us. We need more students in the church!

Dreamer: Joseph’s brothers insulted him when they gave him this title, but that doesn’t eliminate the need for people who dream about a better tomorrow. Without dreams, tomorrow is will be nothing more than a degraded copy of today. With dreams, tomorrow is just a step towards the glory of God!

Entrepreneur: All of the good ideas have not already been invented. Every great way of explaining scripture and reaching people has not been invented. Maybe you are the one who will develop the next “Jule Miller filmstrip” or start the next “Disaster Relief.”

Servant: If we’re going to be followers of Jesus, we better fill this job. No student is greater than his teacher, and our teacher was a servant!