I hope you enjoyed our workshop as much as I did this weekend! Sid was a tremendous blessing to us. If you missed out, I hope you’ll take the time to download & listen to the recordings of the sessions. You will be blessed!

This weekend, we’ve had a powerful study of what God wants to accomplish through his people in prayer. Want to go farther in your study? Here are some notable prayers in Scripture:

If you get stuck in your prayers, maybe you can take a look at these prayers to help get things flowing again. Try your hand at adding to this list as you read and study your Bible. Herbert Lockyer wrote a book called All the Prayers of the Bible. He identified at least 650 prayers and around 450 recorded answers. (By the way – sometimes we complain when we don’t get an immediate answer? It’s interesting to me that so many don’t have a recorded response. Why would I expect my experience to differ?)

Prayer is powerful because God is powerful—and good. I hope this weekend has been a blessing to you and your family!