Most Bible students are aware that Jesus frequently asked questions. It’s easy for us to lose sight of just how significant it is that Jesus would ask a question. He’s certainly not asking to get information for his own purposes—he knows he could ask his Father anything! So when Jesus asks a question, we should pay careful attention to what he’s doing.

Roy Zuck wrote a book called Teaching as Jesus Taught and identified fifteen reasons that Jesus asked questions. Here is his list for your consideration:

1. To cause someone to recall facts
2. To promote conversation
3. To point out something that isn’t true
4. To get agreement
5. To push for an expression of faith
6. To prod for an opinion
7. To prove faith and commitment
8. To promote reflection and thinking
9. To persuade critics of error
10. To pull people up
11. To pour out emotions
12. To reveal motives
13. To prick the conscience
14. To pinpoint a topic
15. To press for the application of the truth

As we study the questions of Jesus, watch to see why Jesus asks what he does. Watch your heart to see how it needs to respond to the most important questions ever asked!