The Bible is comprised of two testaments. There are sixty-six books that represent possibly as many as 40 inspired writers. Its story spans more than 1,500 years. Really, it covers all of eternity if you consider God’s pre-existence and the future we have after this life is finished. It tells many stories. It preaches many sermons. Much history is recorded in its pages. Because of God’s guiding hand though, this book of books is essentially one beautiful story.

Bartholomew and Goheen wrote a book called The Drama of Scripture. It sets out to help people see the Bible as one big story with many interwoven subplots and adventures. Here is how they lay out the scenes:

Scene 1: God creates his ideal world, and it is very good. (Genesis 1-2)
Scene 2: God’s creation launches rebellion; the world no longer experiences peace. (Genesis 3-11)
Scene 3: God uses Israel as an arm of redemption and blessing (Genesis 12-Malachi) (But Israel is a feeble arm indeed!)
Scene 4: God sends the New Adam to reclaim the kingdom. (Matthew-John)
Scene 5: God reunites humanity in the name of Jesus, and man is given the task of sharing the story of Good news and redemption (Acts-Revelation-Today!)
Scene 6: God commands the final return of the King. Rebellion is quelled and justice reigns eternally (Revelation)

What a story that is! It’s beautiful and engaging. The hero of the story isn’t you or me or Abraham or Paul or Joseph…it is God, the patient creator who loves his cantankerous creation despite their rebellion. I hope that you’ll look at this story and live your life to the fullest in your spot in God’s story.