Teachable moments happen all of the time. They are those times when people can learn lessons that stick. Many teens have learned to use seatbelts after witnessing the mangled mess left after a serious car wreck. We all get better at flossing after we see the dentist’s x-rays, don’t we?

Life is the classroom where Christianity is taught. Jesus took advantage of his surroundings. When he healed a Centurion’s servant, he taught about how a true servant in the kingdom lives (Matthew 8:11-12). When the disciples were terrified at sea by a storm, he taught about the needless nature of fear (Mt. 8:26). He healed a paralyzed man, and used it to teach about his authority to forgive sins (Mt. 9:5-6). The Pharisees asked him for a sign, and Jesus elaborated on Jonah and Solomon’s signs (Mt. 12:39-45). There are plenty of other examples we could look at.

Each week we remember the death of Jesus. Simple bread and grape juice suddenly becomes a reminder of a broken and bloody body that was sacrificed for you and for me. It’s a moment that teaches us each week the depth of the Father’s love. It’s a time when we gather together around the same table at the same time. It teaches us about unity. It’s a time when no one has more or needs more than anyone else. The ground is level at the foot of the cross—and we’re reminded each time we partake.

Sometimes children watch us partake of the Lord’s Supper and don’t quite understand what’s going on. They want to know why the “grown-ups” get “snacks” and they don’t. Take an opportunity to begin to teach them, so that as they grow, they’ll understand the beauty of a relationship with Jesus.

Here’s a challenge for your week: keep a daily journal of teachable moments. At the end of the day, write down a chance that you saw (or one that you saw only in hindsight) to see and teach the good news of Jesus. You’ll be surprised just how many there are!