If someone were to starve to death while sitting in front of a Thanksgiving spread, it would be quite the news story, wouldn’t it? People would ask questions—the biggest being, “Why in the world did he not eat the food in front of him!?”

That’s exactly the story that describes the state of many Christians. Of all people who have ever lived, we have the most access to God’s word. There are more English translations of scripture than there are people who worship here! (There are more than 450 ones—just in English!) Despite the availability, some folks just don’t ever eat from this banquet table!

We have access to printed study materials. We have two opportunities to hear preaching each Sunday, and two additional classroom opportunities each week. There are gospel meetings, seminars, lectureships, and magazines—and I haven’t even mentioned the possibilities of the internet! There are free email studies, podcasts (that’s a nerd word for iPod broadcasts—a recording made available online at a regular schedule), research tools, and discussion groups surrounding almost any topic you’d like to study.

I say all this to say—don’t starve at a feast! Commit to taking advantage of some of these resources every week. Your doctor has to take “continuing education” courses. His work is only a matter of life and death. Our work is one of eternal significance. Re-commit yourself to being prepared for Sunday School. Attend a nearby seminar or meeting, and share what you learned with your family. A commitment to being built up in the knowledge and grace of Jesus will reward us richly and will build up this church!