We’ve got a special treat coming up on Easter weekend, April 22-24th. We are hosting our first-ever “Spiritual Growth Workshop.” Never been to one? That’s okay–we haven’t either! Our goal is pretty simple: we want to grow spiritually. So here’s the plan:

Friday, April 22
Good Friday)

6pm in our Fellowship Hall

For all of you who work until 5, especially those of you who commute to Nashville, we know it’s tough to get to an evening activity and have time to grab a bite to eat. We’ll be serving a simple dinner beginning at 6pm, and everyone is invited. We’ll have a few things for the kids to do, since they eat fast.

7pm in the Auditorium

Our first session is called “Igniting the Spark of Spiritual Growth.” We’ll sing for a few minutes to focus our minds and let our stomachs settle, and then we’ll begin this class-style session on getting the fire of spiritual growth lit. Sometimes the first step is the most difficult.

Saturday, April 23rd

During the Day

Spiritual growth isn’t just talk. It is action. So during the day on Saturday, we’ve lined up a few service projects and opportunities for you to walk the talk. We’ll have more details about these on Friday night.

7pm in the Auditorium

Our second class-style session is “Tending the Fire of Spiritual Passion.” We have to keep the fire kindled, or we risk burning out. How do we maintain passion? Why would we even want to? This will be the focus of our study on Saturday night.

Easter Sunday, April 24th: “Friends and Family Day”

Easter Sunday will be a “Friends and Family Day.” Invite your friends who only come a few times a year, and invite your family, near or far away. This will be a great day to recharge our spiritual batteries from the power that rolled the stone from the tomb of Jesus.

9am Sunday School

Sunday School classes are available for all ages. The adult class in the auditorium will discuss “Overcoming the Past” — a lesson from the life of the Old Testament hero, Joseph.

10-11:30am Worship

We are planning on an extended period of worship on this special Sunday morning. Our theme is “Refueling, Refilling, and Reviving.” This lesson will be the closing charge of our spiritual growth workshop.

3pm Easter Egg Hunt at Montgomery Bell Park

We’re planning a special Easter Egg Hunt at Montgomery Bell Park’s Woodhaven Shelter. Kids of all ages are invited!

4pm Family Picnic at Montgomery Bell Park

Bring your family and your friends for a great picnic at the park. We’ll enjoy beautiful spring weather — but if Tennessee’s weather should throw us a curveball, we’ll move the activities to our fellowship hall.

This is going to be a great weekend for all of us. Everyone needs spiritual growth, and we hope this weekend will foster true growth and revival in our community. If you have any questions, email us or contact the church office at (615) 441-3984.