Be thinking kind and air-conditioned thoughts for our campers this week. Nine of our young people—David & Leighann, Destiny, Kaiya, and Syvanna, Myka, and Bridgett, Zach, and Drake are heading out to the untamed wilderness of Hickman county for a week of church camp. Kathy and I will also be there – doing our best not to die of heat stroke.

Camp is a special time. It’s a week of fun, games, Bible study, swimming, crafts, fellowship, sweat, and bugs. Some of those things I like better than others, but I wouldn’t trade the camp experience for anything.

The theme for camp this week is service. Jesus was a servant, and his service served as an example for you and me. Service isn’t always big or flashy. It’s not always going to another continent to do mission work or even lining up at the soup kitchen. Sometimes it is as simple as going out of your way to say hello to a visitor, to call someone who hasn’t been here in a while, or just to say an extra prayer for someone.

I look forward to watching the results of a week of study about service. I believe our young people will learn lessons they will share with us through their actions throughout the rest of the year. So say an extra prayer for a safe and productive week—and be thinking about how you will serve Jesus this week.