The production of the famous Strong’s Concordance required the effort of more than 100 scholars. Alexander Cruden prepared his concordance in a single year—beginning daily at 7am and working until 1am. (Cruden ended up in asylum not long after, I might add!) Robert Young taught himself ancient languages and the skill of printing so he could translate the Bible and publish study aids.

I suspect that if any of these men meet a modern computer programmer in heaven, it might not be pretty when they find out what took them years takes us seconds today. I won’t tell them, if you won’t!

On Friday night, June 24th, we’re going to have a special training class for using electronic Bible study tools. If you’ve got a laptop, bring it. This will be a hands-on session to learn how to use some free tools that can really help you get to know God’s word better. If you don’t have a laptop, we will try to pair you with someone who does so you can get some practice time, too.

Because space is limited and we want to make sure this time is as helpful as possible, if you plan on attending, we need you to fill out a registration sheet and give it to Matthew ASAP. That sheet will allow you to list any specific questions you may have to make sure we cover them in our class time.

I think it’s really exciting to live in the times that we do. We have so many tools and so many opportunities, and the all-powerful God we adore has never once lost his power to change lives. I hope that this opportunity will help you know His will better. See you then!