Yesterday passed like any other Saturday, but do you know what happened on that day?

On January 22, 1973, a panel of seven men who were not elected, who were appointed for life made a decision without vote or public discussion that legalized abortion in the United States. Since that time, 45 million children in our country have been killed thanks to Roe v Wade.

I suspect it will be interesting when we meet those babies in eternity. Perhaps some of them would have been great scientists who could have cured AIDS or the common cold. Others might have been school teachers or factory worker or farmers who would have upheld the fabric of our society. Maybe among their number was someone who could have been the Paul of the 21st century preaching repentance and revival wherever he went.

What can you and I do about this injustice?

1. Pray. Let’s plead for them at the Father’s throne. Let’s pray for wisdom for those who are considering this procedure. Let’s pray that the doctors will realize what they are doing, and that our lawmakers will consider the will of the True Lawgiver.

2. Provide. Let’s continue to support works like the Tennessee Children’s Home or Agape or any of our missions that provide counseling and care for young mothers. Let’s open our hearts and give—even provide homes for those who need it.

3. Prod. Thanks to the digital age, it’s a piece of cake to send a message to our elected officials. It doesn’t matter if they are in your party or not, or what their position is. You can email them or send them a letter explaining that abortion is a crime against the defenseless and that it needs to be stopped. A simple, polite note can go a long way to encouraging these men and women to make better decisions. We need not be a “silent majority.”

These three actions treat the symptoms of abortion. We must still treat theroot cause of the problem. We must spread the news about Jesus and tell people how following him is the only way to have value and beauty and truth and goodness. We will educate people to know that loving Jesus is better than sex, convenience, or money. When people’s hearts turn towards Jesus, anything can change.