Who was I to think that I could oppose God? Acts 11:17

There is an apocryphal story about a village warrior in a cannibal village in a remote South Pacific Island. He came down with a stomach ailment and went to the local witch doctor for help. After the good doctor had given him a careful check-up he diagnosed the malady: “You are just fed up with people.”

People that are different from us are sometimes rejected. Peter was an apostle of Jesus, specially chosen to be the chief spokesman on the beginning day of the church. He had spent 3 ½ years with our Lord and could have been a learner at His feet.

Yet, there was one important truth that Peter had failed to learn: God does not show favoritism but accepts men from every nation who fear him and do what is right. (Acts 10:34, 35) It took a series of miracles to convince this beloved apostle to look at people through the eyes of Jesus.

Don’t be surprised that after 2,000 years we still have an “eye problem”. Seeing others as God sees them is no easy task. We see what they wear, drive and do. We see where they live and with whom they chum. We make our judgment on the bases of outward appearances.

It is difficult to look deeper into the hearts of people we see each day. It is no easy task to look at people through the eyes of God. But we must do it. We may not do it as well as God but we can move in His direction. After all, only God can look down on people. James