People raise all sorts of objections to Christianity. Some folks balk at their perception of its “intolerance” (although ours is a faith that invites all). Others are hesitant to accept a system that invites a stricter standard of conduct and action into their lives. Some people just have a hard time making commitments in general.

Frankly, these objections don’t matter. If Jesus rose from the dead, nothing else matters at all! If Jesus rose from the dead, he is every bit of who he says he is. He is Lord; he is the Messiah. He is the way, the truth, and the life. He’s the purchaser of grace, and he will be the judge of the world.

We need to latch on to this truth. The resurrection of Jesus changes everything. It reduces death to an empty threat. It provides eternal perspective to those who grieve. It shapes our ethics and our values. The cross becomes our identity, the empty tomb, our power.

I challenge you, this week, read the stories in the gospels of the resurrection of Jesus. Imagine what the disciples felt—fear, when Jesus was arrested; dread, when he was condemned; despair, when he gave up his spirit; and finally, uncontainable, uncontrollable, indescribable delight when they saw their Lord again. Let’s recapture their enthusiasm for our risen Lord!