A techno-phobe is afraid of technology. It’s an interesting label for a person, since the word technology actually just means “a study of an art, craft, or technique.” Technologies are simply tools.

Did you know that the Bible was once a technological wonder? In its time we witness the progress from writing on tablets of stone, to the use of scrolls, and eventually to the binding of individual leafs into a book known as a codex. Christianity, according to many historians, was a driving force behind the spread of books. Gutenburg’s printing press is famous for its production of the Holy Bible.
Whether it is books or boats or telegraphs or emails, Christians have always used the tools available to them to proclaim the message of the gospel. It’s a message worth sharing in any sort of media.

Our website is one technology we use to spread the message of Jesus. Since 2006, we have had 3,475 different visitors to the site who viewed more than 17,300 pages. These visitors represent 63 countries on 6 continents, and every state except for Wyoming, Alaska, and Vermont. Our sermons have been listened to at least an additional 4,500 times—try adding that figure to our weekly attendance board! With this tool, we have literally “gone into all the world” without ever leaving our desks.

If you haven’t visited lately, check out the site’s redesigned look. We’ve added a few features to help you use it to communicate the gospel. At the bottom of every entry on our site, there is now a button that will send a copy of it to a friend via email. Just click and type an address, and the site does the rest. There’s a “print” button if you want to print a bulletin article for a friend. Leighann Jack has begun work to help us catalog our library, and you can see some of the books in the church library (as well as mine and James’) but looking in the “Our Library” section. You can view our most up-to-date membership directory under the “Members” menu, using the password available in the church office. (And when you find incorrect information, you can tell me, Lori, or Keith about it, too!)

Whether our tools are computers or wrenches, pens or hands to hold, it doesn’t matter. Whatever tools we have, we want to use them to the glory of God!