But at the beginning of creation God ‘made them male and female. Mark 10:6

Language is a strange thing. We can carry old ideas in language for generations after they have lost their meaning. The way we use words can affect the way we perceive others.

The words “male” and “female” are words that have sometimes come under scrutiny. Trying to make male and female genderless has been attempted with little success. Some have even attempted to make God genderless but that has also gone the way of the hula hoop.

Aileen Hernandez, once president of the National Organization of Women, has noted:

There’s a “housewife” but no “househusband”; there’s a “housemother” but no “housefather”; there’s a” kitchenmaid” but no “kitchenman”; unmarried women cross the threshold from “bachelor girl” to “spinster” to “old maid”, but unmarried men are “bachelors” forever.

Much has changed in the last few years and most of all confusion has reigned.  We become confused as adults and our children follow to the extreme.  What we often joke about becomes a reality in our young minds.

The language we use not only represents our reality but helps shape our reality.  Confusion in today’s words has produced many a mixed up thinking.  Thinking becomes reality and we dive off the deep end of sexism into painful tangles.  In the barb wire of confusion we writhe in bleeding relationships.

Our God was never confused.  He made man male and female from the beginning.  Those who confuse this issue will never find the real meaning to life as God designed it.