For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23

If we have oozed out of some slime millions of years ago and have reached the present state of being a humanoid, who are we and of what value? How do we place a value on us humans? Is it because of the chemical makeup of our physical natures? Do we arrive at great value because we can think about things and plan ahead? Are we valuable because we are ahead of others animals in our evolutionary process?

Any evolutionary theory of how man came to be winds up being degrading to humans. If all we are is more advanced animals, where is the super value we put on humans. Why not just bury the death and shoot the wounded in Haiti and let other animals take their place?

You must understand that humans are of immense value. Not because they have evolved more than other animals but because there is a God in heaven who has put his mark on his creation and man is the climax of his creation. He who created Adam from the dust and Eve from his rib breathed into them the breath of life and man became living beings in his image.

Man has fallen – oh how he has fallen – but he remains in the image of God. He is valued because he is created by God. We don’t just ignore the suffering in Haiti because they are men and women, boys and girls created in the image of God. Being special creatures of God makes them valuable.

Man has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, But no matter how far man falls he still retains the glory of God. God thought so much of His creation that he sent his son to make us right again. How valuable is that?