Produce fruit in keeping with repentance. Matthew 3:8

Welcome to the New Year.  I had just gotten used to writing 2009 and she is gone.  2010 is like a new page in the book of our life. We begin a new year with the page blank and we begin to write our life for 2010.

God is still in the life changing business. He awaits our decision to make this the best year of our lives.  He is not interested in any outward change and resolution that won’t last past the first temptation that comes our way.  He is interested in changing us into the image of Jesus.

Producing “fruit in keeping with repentance”, means that changes in our approach to the New Year are inward. The Pharisees and Sadducees came to John for baptism because they thought it was a popular thing to do.  John would have none of it.

“What do you think you are doing slithering down here to the river? Do you think a little water on your snakeskins is going to make any difference? It’s your life that must change, not your skin.” (The Message)

It’s a good time of the year to examine ourselves and make inward changes that can make a difference in our personal lives, family lives and church lives.  What inward change would your need to make to write a good year on the 2010 page of your boo?

As a preacher for 50 years I have always encouraged us to be involved in the local family of God.  Belonging to a church reinforces our faith.  A Christian without a church is like a football player without a team. It’s like a Marine without a unit.  It’s like a family meal without a family.