My kingdom is not of this world. John 18:36

I love to sing the song “The Kingdoms of earth pass away one by one but the Kingdom of heaven remains.” It points to an everlasting truth that God is the only guarantee of permanency in our ever-changing world.

If I go back to where I grew up the changes are enormous. The high school where I went to school is still there but the changes are many. The place where I lived as a child is still there but there are houses now standing where I spent many a hot day picking cotton. The old barn is long gone where I milked the cows in the early morning and late evening.

People that I once knew have grown old and many are no longer on this side of eternity. The cars that I thought were so cool are now in the junk yard or made into classics. They now are reserved for parades and old car museums.

Jesus laid a great burden on all His people when he talked about the kingdom that is not of this earth. He is talking about the way the kingdom begins and grows. It is a matter of what is going on inside our hearts. The seed of the kingdom is the word of God. The soil of the kingdom is the good and honest hearts that will open for the master to come in.

When the word is planted in our hearts and grows we become part of the everlasting kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Nothing can separate us from the love of God. Even death is conquered by those who become part of King Jesus’ worldwide and everlasting rule.

The kingdoms of earth pass away one by one but the kingdom of heaven will never end!