When do you talk about Jesus?

Do you talk about Him at work? Do you talk about Him in your free time? What about with your family? Outside of our worship assembly and Bible study periods, how often do you speak about Jesus with the church?

I’m convinced that one of the great plagues of the modern church is our inability (read: unwillingness) to speak about Jesus! I’m not great at talking about church events or programs. I tend to get worse at talking about church in general, and far worse when it comes to talking about God. Isn’t this backwards?

It’s not a cat that has our tongues, I’m afraid!

My challenges for you this week: don’t leave this assembly without talking about Jesus to someone here.  Second, continue your normal foyer conversations-but move them forward. It’s time to get past small-talk and move to spiritual talk within the family! Third, intentionally talk about Jesus away from the assembly. Talk with your family, your friends, or your fellow employees.

You don’t have to say something profound, but you do need to say something!

I’ll tell you one thing I know for sure: He loves you!

The Bible says, “With the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” (Romans 10:10) What will you confess this week?