Study to show thyself approved unto God

II Timothy 2:15 KJV

In 1971 Southern Baptist had 1,434, 892 children in Southern Baptists Sunday Schools.  By 2007 this number dropped by 455,000. At the same time the US population increased by 46%.  The Southern Baptist Convention is the largest protestant conference in the USA.

While they have been loosing people in their Sunday Schools most other religious groups have done the same. We once were know for our dynamic Bible school but now we are among those who are wondering if we can sustain our Bible classes with enough students to merit the time we spend. 

Sunday Bible classes are still one of the best ways I know to teach the Bible to our youth and adults.  We try to have good teachers and prepared teachers to lead our Bible classes and we are constantly looking to make them better.  There are many of our people who vote for the close of our Bible classes by not showing any interest in them by not attending.  Although a number of our people are making a more conscious effort to be in class, we need more who will see that Bible classes are part of a good religious education program that will help our youth and adults be faithful to Jesus and his goals for our world.

What is more important to you this Sunday at 9:00 than to be in a Bible class and bring a friend with you?  We can make a difference in our community by faithful study of the word in Bible class.