And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? Romans 10:14

It is impossible to believe something you have never heard.  Faith comes by hearing. When something is presented we can decide then whether to believe or reject what we have heard.

The Christian religion is a taught religion.  “Go and teach!” is the way of Christ.  It is the way to get the message of hope to a hopeless world.  It is the way of salvation to a lost world.  It is the way to heaven for a world that is headed in the other direction.

Christians are not to be soil inspectors; they are to be seed sowers. The seed is the word of God.  Jesus wants everyone to hear the message of his love.

How can they hear without someone preaching to them?

We are presently engaged in a massive outreach activity.  This involves many of our members who will work alongside of our visiting campaigners.  This will also involve many in cooking and serving in the Name of Jesus.  The effort is intended to let the Burns community know that we care.

When the week is finished we will have done what Jesus commanded.  The seed will have been sowed.  The soil will either bring forth good crops or bad.  The response is dependent on the hearts of the people that we contact.

We thank all who are having a part in this outreach.  We continue to pray for our community.  We believe that the Burns community is one of the best places to live in Tennessee.  We believe that the Burns church is one of the positive influences in this community.  May God be glorified!