“I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” Mark 9:24

A person with a small faith may act on that smallness and lack any real commitment to God.  It may be that one with little faith will not exercise any of that faith and be living in a state of denial of our Lord Jesus Christ.  It could be that one is exercising that little faith and developing and growing.

Whatever is happening in our life, there are times when we feel a bit like the father in Mark 9: I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief. I need more trust in the Savior. I need more faith to move me to greater service.  I need help with dealing with unbelief that creeps back into the recesses of my soul on too numerous occasions.

I wonder what could happen if we could increase our faith a degree or two?  Would that make a big difference in our churches and our world? If 100 people increased their faith just a degree would it mean that those 100 people have increased their faith by 100 degrees?

The intention of preaching and teaching is to increase faith.  There are times when we see our faith grow and our actions show it. There are other times when we struggle and our faith seems to wane.

Enter opportunity for March-May at the Burns Church of Christ.  Each Sunday night at 6:00 for three months we are providing a grand opportunity for us as a church, and for the community we serve, to increase our faith.  What can happen is we can raise the level of faith in our community.  Maybe there will not be a need for a bigger jail.  We know that only good can come when we are get help for our unbelief.