Examine the Evidence

Is faith compatible with science? Does God exist–and if He does, why all the suffering? Can we trust the Bible?

Lee Strobel asked these tough questions more than once in his life. As a young professional, the legal editor for the Chicago Tribune, he knew for a fact that religion was a crutch–something made up to help the weak. When his wife became interested in faith, he thought it was going to be more of an annoyance than anything! With his reporter’s notebook in hand, he decided to examine the evidence. The atheist is now a world-renowned apologist helping others step through the same evidence he looked at–in an investigation of a lifetime!

We invite you to join us for a special three-month series on Sunday nights at Burns: Examine the Evidence. We want to look at tough questions like these and see what answers we can find from experts and the word of God. Strobel has produced three video sets, The Case for Faith, The Case for a Creator, and The Case for Christ. These videos are full of great information for anyone!

If you’re a beliver–come, and learn more about your faith. If you’re a seeker–come, and see what it is that means so much to us. If you’re convinced that we’re crazy–come and see for yourself!

We’ll show these interactive videos on Sunday nights at 6pm along with supplementary lecture materials and group discussion. In addition, we’ve planned four special nights of guest speakers. We have sought out experts who know their materials to help us examine the evidence.

We have invited Dr. Steve Cantrell, a surgeon who is involved in cancer research, to present evidence examining the resurrection of Jesus. Dr. Cantrell was recently published in Think magazine on this topic and has served for several years at the Crieve Hall congregation in Nashville.

Dr. Joe Deweese from Walnut Street will make two presentations examining the evidence for God from the perspective of a scientist and biochemist. Dr. Deweese has presented material at Walnut Street and will teach at Lipscomb as well. He is now finishing his work at Vanderbilt.

Our third guest is Dr. Dale Manor from Harding University. Dr. Manor is an archaeologist and professor of Old Testament Studies. He is the field director of Tel Beth-Shemesh excavations in Israel. You may have recently heard him present at the Fairview Church of Christ or at Freed-Hardeman University’s lectureship.

These men will guide our study and answer questions as we work to examine the evidence! Please join us for this investigation of a lifetime!

  • March 1 Faith in a World of Reason?
  • March 8 The Gospels: Eyewitness Testimony
  • March 15 Friends and Foes: Extra-Biblical Testimony
  • March 22 Who Is the Real Jesus?
  • April 5 The Resurrection: It Happened.
  • April 12 A Doctor’s Look at the Resurrection Dr. Steve Cantrell, MD, DDS
  • April 19 Science and God: Incompatible?
  • April 26 A Scientist’s Look at the Universe Dr. Joe Deweese, PhD Biochemistry
  • May 3 A Biochemist’s Look at Intelligent Design Dr. Joe Deweese, PhD Biochemistry
  • May 10 An Archaeologist’s Look at the Bible Dr. Dale Manor, PhD Archaeology 
  • May 17 How Did It All Start?
  • May 24 Design? Intelligent?
  • May 31 Philosophical Evidence for God 

Download a printable flier with schedule of speakers and topics.