You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world. Matthew 5:13, 14

As I drive by the Discovery School, where four of my grandchildren go, I always pray for each of them as they spend their day in learning and interaction.  My prayer is simple.  “Father, will you bless each child in the school?  Will you make this day a good day for my four grandchildren? Will you help them to be safe, have a love for learning and make their school a better place because they are there?”

It is easy to buy into the diabolical lie that the world is coming to no good and Christians must hide their lights in little cubby holes and talk about how bad the people in the  world are.  “Look what the world is coming to?  Our country and all other countries are going to the Devil and we can’t do anything so let’s hide our salt and light so we won’t become contaminated. “‘The Sky is falling’ and we can’t do anything about it.”

The first century church met a world as bad as any that’s has ever existed. (Read again the Book of Revelation.)  They went everywhere saying “Look what has come to the world.”  They believed that God was in charge of our world and that we need to infect the world with the virus of Christian teaching. (Per Matthew’s class Sunday night,)

Who rubs shoulders with men and women of the world every day?  Who works and plays with men and women of the world every day?  Whose kids interact with boys and girls of the world every day?

Why is our light not shining?  Why is our salt not working?  Why are we backing away from telling the story of a Crucified and risen LORD?  Why sit back and curse the darkness when we have the light?

We have the opportunity to bring light into the lives of men and women, boys and girls of Dickson County. Sunday nights – March- May – The Case for Faith. Be here and bring a car load.