Though by this time you ought to be teachers… Hebrews 5:12

It was a sad reminder for me. I was talking with a person who had been a member of the church several years ago and is now unfaithful.  I thought that he and his wife could have been great leaders of the church and by this time they would have been good teachers. But, alas, they didn’t follow through on their faith and learning.

It is sad to see potential that is never reached.  As church leaders we see this happen all the time.  It still is a sad thing to behold.

Now, not everybody can be a teacher.  Gifts are still very important.  But when a person has a gift for teaching and because of personal neglect and loss of focus, they never teach, it is a sad thing.  Oh, what a waste of talent!

If you want to be of use in the Master’s service:

  • Stay in love with Jesus.
  • Keep a focus on His word.
  • Use every opportunity to learn the word.
  • Take opportunity to learn methods of teaching.
  • Always apply the word to self before others.
  • Watch and study good teachers.
  • Read and study good books.
  • Stay in touch with the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Let’s be all that we can be–through Him!