I treasure your word in my heart, So that I may not sin against you. Psalm 119:11

Most of us at one time or another pick up our Bibles and read a few verses.  Now it would go without saying that we don’t do this as much as we could or should. Some are diligent about their daily reading of the Word and others play the hit and miss game.

Here are some suggestions for us as we read the Bible:

  1. Read the Bible devotionally. Select a paragraph or a chapter and read it as if God is talking to you.  As you devote yourself to the reading of scripture God will make some things clear for you.  It will enliven your day and make the activities more in keeping with the will of the father.  We need a little quiet time with scripture and prayer as we go thorough the day.
  2. It might be helpful to carry a small Bible with you in your purse or pocket.  You will find a small bit of time at lunch or coffee when you can pull the Bible out and read a few verses.  There are a few moments of each day when we can find a place and a time to read the Scriptures.
  3. Read the Bible contextually.  By this I mean that it is good to read in one book for a week or a few days.  You will get the context of that book and will be more likely to get the real message of the writer.  There may be special places that you like to read and this is good.  There are special verses that you will want to treasure in your heart.  But reading from Philippians for a week will let you get acquainted with the full message of Paul.

This is not Bible study.  Bible study is much more intense and focused.  When you are studying the Bible you will want to sit down with your favorite translation, a couple of other translations close by and a good study Bible with notes to help you get the flow of the text.  Bible study involves reading and research.  There are many good commentaries and Bible Dictionaries as well as internet tools for Bible study.  Use these wisely.