Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12:2

A change is coming on Sunday nights at Burns.  Beginning the first Sunday night in July we will move to a new format for our gathering.  We will move to more emphasis on individual Bible study within small groups.

We will begin our group Bible study at 6:00 and continue until 6:40.  At this time we will assemble in the auditorium and group leaders will share a few things his group had learned in the group study. We will serve the Lord’s Supper for those who haven’t had the opportunity to partake in the morning.  We will close by extending the invitation and conclude with prayer.

All those who are regular attendees on Sunday night will be assigned a group.  These groups will meet in various places in our building. Others who wish to be part of this new format can let one of the elders know and you will be in a group.  Any visitors will be assigned a group as well.

We will try this format for July and August and will evaluate it as the summer ends.  We believe that this will be better use of our time spent together on Sunday nights.  We hope that this will encourage others to be present on Sunday nights.

We believe this format will better meet the needs of our Burns family.

  • The need for spiritual growth
  • The need for friendship, support and encouragement
  • The need for strength in the face of temptation and trial
  • The need to give and receive love
  • The need to serve others

We look forward to the study of II Samuel as we begin this new Sunday night group Bible study.  We pray that you will see that this format can be special for you and your family.